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The Story Behind the Fiesta - About Taco Maker in the USA

taco maker about us

Our Story & Values

Taco Maker® is a fast-growing Mexican fast-food franchise, a segment that has seen unprecedented growth, outpacing all other sectors within the restaurant industry. We stand as a leader in the Mexican fast-food segment.

As an international franchise system, Taco Maker® has outlets across the United States, Latin America, and the Far East. We uphold our promise to serve Mexican cuisine made daily in each restaurant from fresh ingredients. Our flavors are memorable, drawing customers back time and again.

In 1968, Gil L. Craig ventured into the Mexican fast-food restaurant world. After gaining invaluable experience in developing a large franchise system, Mr. Craig established his own company, The Taco Maker®, Inc. (TTM).


What started as a mere dream has blossomed into a sophisticated international franchise system. The global headquarters of Taco Maker®, Inc., is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Leading the company that represents the Taco Maker® franchise are highly dedicated professionals, committed to supporting the daily efforts of these restaurants 100%.

about taco maker
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