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Become a Taco Maker Franchise Owner - Fuel Your Future Success

Are you looking for an opportunity for success?

At Taco Maker you will find a successful franchise. We have over 40 years of business experience and presence in Puerto Rico and the USA. We strive to provide you with all the necessary support so that our franchisees have all the necessary tools for your restaurant to maintain the highest quality and service. We believe in the development of each individual who wants to be “Their Own Boss” for this and more “We are your best business.”

Advantages of having a Taco Maker ® ​​franchise :

  • We provide space alternatives ranging from 215 meters 2 to 2,000 feet 2

  • Each available unit adapts to any space:

    • Independent traditional stores

    • Malls

    • Hospitals

  • Operational and organizational support


All our franchisees receive:

  • Constant Operational Support

  • We train and certify the franchisee and all his staff

  • Assistance in searching and negotiating the location where you will develop your restaurant

  • Distribution and delivery in the restaurant of all the products necessary for the operation

  • Having our Headquarters in Puerto Rico allows us to offer quick and constant support and monitoring of the restaurant's operation.


We have a variety of formats where we can adapt to different types of structures and spaces:

  • Online

  • Free Standing

  • Food Court

  • Trailer Edition

  • New Model: Double service cart

Details about the franchise:

  • Approximate investment: $495,000 – $912,500

  • License cost for 15 years: $30,000

  • Financial Assistance: Yes, third parties

  • Training in Puerto Rico: Yes

  • Number of restaurants: 75 Puerto Rico - 2 USA

  • Corporate Restaurants: 0

  • Year Founded: 1978

  • First restaurant opening: 1978

Explore the potential of owning a Taco Maker franchise in the USA! Reach out to us at for detailed information on franchise opportunities.

taco maker franchise in Orlando Florida

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taco maker franchise in the usa


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